Do not Kick the Bucket

No, it is not a joke! You can meet a sticky end by bad Translation while good ones can save it. Have you ever wondered why Umberto Eco called translation as " The Art of Failure"? the answer is not easy as it is known that translation has never been an easy process and as the quote suggests, has never been perfect. It is a struggle, learning how to translate your in-depth knowledge and experience into an accessible form for others and requires a critical skill. Translation is a journey over a sea from one shore to the other. In fact, translation is not merely used to communicate with others, but also conduct your business, prove your right in courthouses, and advertise your products. Here, in Halftime Translation Services! we provide you with certified legal translation, not only in Dubai but worldwide. Though the translation market place is very competitive, you shall not trust the translation unless you trust the translator. As, incorrect translations, especially of legal documents, happen often, with serious consequences.
To illustrate this point, in 2011 translation errors ignited legal disputes between major maritime companies. A contract between a Chinese company and its foreign partners mistranslated “dry-docking” as “tank washing” and “except fuel used for domestic service” was misinterpreted as “except fuel used for domestic flights”. The errors appeared in the contract terms when translated to Chinese from English and the case was even taken to the Shanghai Maritime Court. Allegedly, the contracts were translated by unprofessional translators, in an effort to save money. Alas, this caused a critical problem, and the client lost things more precious than money, its reputation! Another catastrophic example of mistranslation is that at the end of July 1945, the Allies sent an ultimatum to Japan. The Japanese response contained the polysomic expression mokatsu, which can mean « think » but also « reject » or « ignore ». With the intention of saving time, the Japanese Prime Minister used mokatsu in the sense of « think ». However, the translator translated the term as « reject ». What was the outcome? Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Therefore, by consulting our professional team in Globalize Translation and Localization! you are saving your business, reputation, and even your life. The sensitive nature of legal documents, and their importance within the legal realm, means they must only be translated with top quality by specialist and experienced linguists. The level of accuracy required means you need a professional certified translator from our team in Globalize Translation and Localization to give you a hand; Do not put your business, reputation, finance, and life at stake for cheap translation and come to the right place, Globalize Translation and Localization!
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