We’ve put together the most common questions we are asked about. Contact us for further information.
What Do We Mean by Translation?
Translation is a mental activity; it is the act of transferring the linguistic entities from one language into their equivalents in another language. Translation is an act through which the content of a text is transferred from the source language to the target language (Foster, 1958).
Who Is the Translator?
Not merely a bilingual person, but a person who has a good knowledge of both the source and the target languages, in addition to a high linguistic sensitivity as he should transmit the writer’s intention, original thoughts and opinions in the translated version as precisely and faithfully as possible.
What can I translate?
We can translate any file formats, and you can upload your files via instant quote panel.
Also, for Web and software files, we know that every single tag is essential for your applications to work correctly. Therefore, we do not make these tags accessible to our translators, ensuring that your code is correctly preserved.
Desktop Publishing
Quark Xpress
C, C++, C# and Java
Perl, Python
rc, ResX, exe
PO, Properties
Open Office
User-defined XML
User-defined XML
Plain Text
MySQL, Postgres, Oracle
Access, SQL Server, DB2
If you have complex needs and you prefer to discuss your project personally, just get in touch, and we will be glad to find the perfect solution for you.
Can I have a Certified Translation?
Globalize offers the option to add a Certificate of Translation Accuracy. This certificate attests that the translation was carried out by a professional native translator to the best of his/her ability. Please note that this certification is not the same as a sworn translation service, i.e. a translation done by an officially appointed (sworn) translator. If you are interested in sworn translation services, just get in touch.
Is my project manager the translator of my document(s)?
No. Your project manager is there to help you with your project. He/she prepares, supervises, and manages all the processes related to your project, from kick-off through to delivery and billing. He/she does not translate documents, but is responsible for the final check and makes sure that your project is going smoothly and always delivered on time.
Who are the translators, then?
Globalize chooses the translator for your project from our in-house team. we can identify the best translator for your project based on his/her expertise and performance, his/her area of expertise, the content and format of your document, and 30 other factors. Our highly qualified team of sworn translators is ready to help!
How much does a translation cost?
Prices vary based on the length, difficulty, and format of your texts. Feel free to contact us, for further information about our rates. Don’t Worry! We offer reasonable rates without compromising quality.
Is there a minimum order size?
There is no minimum order size. However, if you order a translation of fewer than 100 words, we will apply the price of a 100-word translation to cover our production costs. In other words, translating 1 to 99 words will always cost you as if you were having 100 words translated.
Delivery Dates and Turnaround Time
How many words can you translate per day?
Our non-rush turnarounds are approximately as follows:
  • up to 500 words - 4 hours
  • 2,000 to 4,000 words - 24 hours
These are purely indicative and are intended for regular, non-rush jobs. Upon request, we can offer up to 300,000 words per day in most language combinations. If you need such turnarounds, just get in touch, and our Account Manager will find the right solution for you.
Can we get a quote to translate our website?
Globalize may be able to estimate the cost of translating from data we extract from a live website. Caveats are:
  • We may miss some content.
  • We may include content that is not relevant because it is duplicated (for example, previous versions of page(s)) in the site’s structure, but is not part of the current site and should not be translated.
  • Database-driven content is almost impossible to estimate from a live site – content that is held once in the database may populate the live site many times, and this is especially true when considering product data on an E-Commerce site.
It is always more accurate to provide quotations from the web content source files, and any figures that we provide from a live website will – at best – be an estimate to be confirmed once we have the actual source files.
What are your rush fees?
We generally do not charge rush fees. Globalize appreciates as much notice as possible that an urgent job is imminent, and will plan accordingly.
How do you ensure quality?
To ensure that specific terminology is developed and used consistently, Globalize recommends that glossaries are developed for those projects that require them for each language prior to beginning the actual translation. Once the glossaries have been completed, the client has the option to review them with sources within its own company, or through overseas affiliates or distributors. Globalize will work with the client’s contacts to ensure that the glossaries are approved to the client’s satisfaction.
All projects are assigned to native speakers of the target language with experience in translation and in the topic of the text. They use industry-standard foreign language spell-checkers and are provided with each client’s approved glossary, enabling them to provide highly accurate translations.
All translations are then proofread and corrected by another native target-language translator. Once this process has been completed, all translations are then reviewed by the project editor to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the translated content.
A final linguistic QA of all translated components is then executed prior to delivery.
Additionally, web content and user interfaces typically undergo post-translation quality assurance once they are built, but prior to going live.
Globalize’s use of Translation Memory tools helps ensure that translations are consistent and correct.
Can you translate multiple languages simultaneously?
Yes, we are a multiple language/multiple platform translation provider. Our project managers deal with multiple language requirements for almost every translation project. Translations are undertaken by our in-house translation teams and multiple languages are therefore translated simultaneously.
Do your translators have InDesign?
When we translate texts in InDesign, we convert the InDesign file to idml format so the translator can handle it in their translation tool. Once the text has been translated, we will be happy to help you reimport it into the original layout, giving you a finished, proofread file with the correct hyphenation.
What is a CAT tool?
Computer Assisted Translation or Computer Aided Translation involves using a translation tool that helps the translator during the translation process. One advantage of using a CAT tool is that the translator can translate a much higher number of words per day because the tool recognises repetitions or text that has been translated before and can be reused. Further, all the translated document will have the same rhythm and consistency.
What is DTP?
DTP means Desktop Publishing and involves fitting the text into a layout. Have you got a layout file in InDesign or FrameMaker? If so, we can complete the translation in the file itself and, if you wish, we can also reimport the translated text into the original layout and deliver a print-ready PDF with the hyphenation and layout in line with the rules in the target language.