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Globalize Translation & Localization Services enjoys an immense reputation as a certified agency for translation and localization services with a highly qualified team of certified translators. Globalize is highly endorsed by most government ministries and foreign embassies in Egypt.

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Rest assured we provide the right person for the right job to guarantee quality, accuracy and speed; all with the strength of a human-powered translation company that offers certified translations, professional interpretations and localization.
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Globalize Your Business; we give you the power to reach the world!

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Find out how our language services will help your global revenue soar. No Hesitation… If you Wanna Do it, Do it Right Now!

Our Services

No matter your industry; we know this for a fact because we’ve helped countless businesses do this already.

Translation Services

As global markets open, the translation profession is experiencing high demand. Therefore, maintaining a long-term relationship with your translation.


interpretation services

Globalize is honoured to deliver a high-level interpretation service. We are able to break down the language barrier in over 70 languages.


Localization Services

Reach your consumers in a language they understand. Globalize offers localization services tailored to meet your technical needs.


Media translation

The dubbing, voice-over and production team in Globalize delivers high-definition, high-quality video files for final internal review.