Media Translation Services

Media is one of the most important factors of globalization nowadays allowing easy access to all nations. So companies use media to communicate their brands and image. This is why Globalize Group applying precise media translations. Our translators proved to be very valuable in this regard. With our specialized translation services, we ensure that we will meet all your business translation requirements
Dubbing & Voice-over
The dubbing, voice-over and production team in Globalize delivers high-definition, high-quality video files for final internal review.
Part of the review process is to ensure these voice-overs are easy for the target audience’s listening and understanding.
If you're aiming for worldwide success, your subtitles need to be translated by a professional talented translator. Here, in Globalize, we assure culturally sensitive translations. Ensure that your content is performing to the max by putting faith in those who know the target culture inside out.
Here are the two main types of subtitling Globalize undertakes:
  • Intralingual
  • Interlingual